Necronomicon: The Anunnaki Bible

The Necronomicon of Mesopotamia… Sumerians… Star-Gates of Babylon… The Anunnaki… Ancient Alien Gods… Here is the definitive work in its much anticipated 5th Anniversary revised and expanded 6th edition the primary source book of the Mardukite Chamberlains Research Organization uncovered from their first active year of research and development in 2009 The Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible is a masterpiece of Mesopotamian Mardukite magick and spirituality providing the most complete collection of Sumerian and Babylonian accounts of human history and civilization in one book composing in itself a bible and actually proving to be the predecessor and basis of global scripture-based religious traditions thereafter. These are the raw underground materials have shaped the existence of mans beliefs and practices for thousands of years right from the heart of Sumer Babylon and Egypt Studies include the Mardukite inception within Akkadian Assyrian Chaldean Yezidi and Zoroastrian traditions also This enlarged Sixth Edition includes the complete Maqlu Text recently translated for the separate volume Maqlu Magic or Necronomicon Spellbook II in addition to several other unique updates from previous editions This 2014 large-format 5th Anniversary edition presents the original Liber N Necronomicon of Joshua Free in addition to its three companion works from 2009 that were only released to the underground and members of Mardukite Ministries as well as newer materials from Liber C Tablet-U and Tablet-V cycles in addition to all tablets from the Book of Marduk by Nabu and also the Book of Sajaha-the-Seer released in 2013 as Sumerian Wisdom Anunnaki Prophecies. Nearly 600 large easy-to-read pages guide you through a huge collection of raw historical spiritual and mystical research drawn from archaeological findings enough to support a very real Mardukite Necronomicon Anunnaki revival tradition Join the now thousands of others who have enjoyed the best of what the next generation has to offer in the most amazing revolutionary volume youll ever read

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O nas

Głównym powodem, dla którego rozpoczęliśmy ten projekt, była próba stworzenia centralnego miejsca dla uzasadnionych teorii i do prowadzenia dyskusji. Byliśmy zirytowani sztuczną sensacją w tej dziedzinie (zrób szybkie wyszukiwanie w Google, a zobaczysz, że marketerzy wykorzystują społeczność UFO jako głupców) i chcieliśmy stworzyć prawdziwą witrynę, abyśmy mogli dzielić się informacjami i prowadzić prawdziwe rozmowy z innymi, którzy szukają rzetelnych informacji bez nadmuchanych teorii spiskowych.


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